Mayor Bosse’s Secretary, Carl L. Dreisch

When Benjamin Bosse took office at the start of 1914, he built his administration by appointing Carl L. Dreisch as his Secretary. However, after the State of Indiana pointed out that the city charter made no provision for an employee to serve as Mayor Bosse’s secretary, Dreisch became the city food inspector beginning in 1918, during Mayor Bosse’s second term. In this image, investigators noted that Dreisch was seen carrying suitcases out of the police station.

There was an occasion when Chief Schmitt, John Wimberg, Captain Friedle, and Willard O. “Hop” Hopkins used the police boat for a pleasure trip. They were accompanied by Carl Dreisch, who was carrying a bulging suitcase containing what was thought to be food for a picnic but was most likely booze.

Christ Lintzenich, a city jail turnkey, told federal agents that he saw Carl Dreisch come out of the roll call room with a package that appeared to be liquor hidden under a raincoat. Charles Cheatham, janitor at the city jail and police headquarters, saw Carl Dreisch unlock the cellar room where the whiskey was stored, enter with a suitcase that he handled as if it were empty, and exit with the suitcase handled as if it were heavy. Police Captain Fred Heuke and Sergeant Norman Broshears both reported that Dreisch and Friedle had taken whiskey from the police station in suitcases. Many people were aware of Dreisch’s use of suitcases to transport liquor out of the city police station, including Karl K. Knecht, who featured a cartoon about it in the October 10, 1919 issue of The Courier Newspaper.

In his opening statement to the jury, U.S. Attorney Slack described drinking parties held at the police station at two a.m., to which everyone connected with the department was invited. “Carl Dreisch, the city food inspector, was usually the one who went downstairs and brought the supply up from the cellar. The chief freely distributed liquor from the police cellar to all of his friends.”

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