Investigator’s Memo Re Payment of Jim Boner’s Car Note

The hand-written paragraph details how Mrs. Jim Boner sought money from Chief Schmitt and Mayor Bosse to pay her husband’s car note while he was in jail, to avoid having it repossessed (he was convicted of violating the liquor law). She even saw Mayor Bosse at his office on January 5th to inquire about it. Bosse told her to see Otto Klein and for both of them to come to his office at the Globe Furniture Company factory at 8:30 the next morning. They kept the appointment, but Bosse told them that he could not pay on the automobile because it would “get into the newspapers.” Instead, Bosse said he would send a man to her home to discuss the matter.

She and Klein left, and the next day, Harry Bullen, a tough character and Bosse’s political henchman, came to Mrs. Boner’s home and said he would make the car payments, but he would also take the car. Mrs. Boner refused to surrender the car, stating that she would wait until Jim returned home. The typed document is Otto Klein’s account of the event.