The Verdict

The whiskey ring conspiracy trial lasted five days, and the jury began deliberating on June 18, 1920, at 6:30 p.m. It only took a little more than two hours to reach a verdict. Chief Schmitt sat nervously chewing gum, but did not show any emotion when Judge Anderson pronounced him guilty. Fred Ossenberg sunk back into his chair as the judge declared him guilty. Captain Friedle was so dismayed at hearing his conviction, that he declared he was immediately going to drive back to his hotel. Abe and Mose Klyman were both found guilty as well. Nine were acquitted: Booth, Morris (alias Hayhurst), Dreisch, Smith, Weir, Males, Ruhl, Schulz, and Hausman. Of the original seventy-eight defendants, the verdict brought the total number of guilty parties to sixty-seven.