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Files and other resources created by R. Erick Jones

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GUI for HTML Tidy

Harness the power of HTML Tidy without having to type commands. Just run the executable, select the file you want to tidy, and watch as GUI for HTML Tidy  transforms unreadable code into neatly organized code. Download Erick's GUI for HTML Tidy now and embrace a more organized future.

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Disassembling and Cleaning the Microsoft New Ergonomic Bluetooth Mouse

This step-by-step video will guide you through the process of disassembling and cleaning the Microsoft New Ergonomic Bluetooth Mouse. Follow along as I demonstrate each step in detail, from removing the mouse cover to disconnecting and removing the circuit boards. I'll show you how to access the scroll-wheel housing and clean the scroll-wheel for optimal performance.

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Acrobat Settings for Self-Publishers

How to properly publish your book to PDF without degrading image quality.  Also demonstrates how to embed fonts and produce a PDF with the correct page dimensions.

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